Storm Hy-Road Gold Pearl


Not often does a ball like the original Hy-Road come around, and with the new Hy-Road Gold we’ve found a way to improve on the already long-lasting tradition. R2X Nano Pearl has been exceptionally reliable when the front of the lane starts drying up.


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Reaction That’s Good as Gold
Bowlers are always in search of balls that provide them with enough traction to control the front part of the lane without sacrificing strong hooking motion and entry angle on the back end. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Hy-Road balls have been immensely popular as they have dominated medium to lighter patterns the world over for more than twelve years now. But sometimes a bit more power is needed to get the job done, and when that is the case, you deserve nothing but the best. With that in mind, we’re bringing you a new Hy-Road that will be the gold standard when a stronger move to the pocket is needed. Enter the Hy-Road Gold Pearl.
In order to make this Hy-Road something new and special, we knew that we had to be very selective when deciding on a coverstock. After many long hours of testing, R2X Pearl emerged as the obvious choice. You may remember R2X Pearl from past favorites like the Marvel™ Pearl and Optimus™, but this will be its debut performance in a Hy-Road offering. Stronger than the R2S™ variations found in the Hy-Road and Hy-Road Pearl, R2X Pearl offers more stability in the oil without sacrificing the strong backend motion needed to create entry angle and maintain a high carry percentage.
The dynamic reaction of the Hy-Road Gold Pearl will also be helped along by the inclusion of tried and true Inverted Fe2 Core Technology. The pin-punishing power of Inverted Fe2 is legendary in the bowling world. That is because it allows for more coverstock material to be utilized, leading to a heightened coefficient of restitution, enhanced dynamics, and amplified energy transfer where you need it most…at the pins. Inverted Fe2 Technology has powered all the Hy-Roads that you’ve loved up to this point, and we know that it won’t disappoint you in the Hy-Road Gold Pearl. Being the best means standing up to the tests of time. The Hy-Road name has done so brilliantly since 2008. Now, the Hy-Road Gold Pearl is ready to add to that legacy by offering you a seriously strong ball reaction that will help you outshine the competition for years to come.